Dell Laptops Under 100 Dollars

Products updated: Friday July 11, 2014

Dell Latitude D600: What An Enterprise System Should Be

Latitude D600

The Dell Latitude D600 is a staple of this manufacturers' productivity class systems. Highly popular for its reliability it has the reputation of being a must have in any business requiring worry free productivity. Powered with a Pentium M processor, one that outperforms many of the dual core that came out after it, this thin and lightweight PC can handle multitasking with ease and acceptable speeds. The 80 GB HDD is nice in a business class system and hard copy backups can be accomplished easily with the DVD-RW optical drive. This system did get a few upgrades throughout its run but they were improvements to simply bring it up to date and keep it at the front of the pack in this class. The display is 14.1 inches and offers quality graphics though it can drain the battery of life if you chose to use it for a long presentation. The bottom line on the Dell Latitude D600 is that it is one of the finest enterprise systems available and one that every business should own a few of.

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Dell Latitude D620: Dell Shows The World How It Remains A Leader In This Class

Latitude D620

The Dell Latitude D620 is a pleasant updated version of the productivity based business class laptops Dell has become known for manufacturing. Right off the bat you will notice the case is far sturdier and more durable than other Latitudes making it perfect for those with rugged jobs or heavy traffic areas where accidents can occur. The addition of fingerprint sensors and other security features are part of what makes this system a must have. There are plenty of ports for all of your businesses external components and the Core 2 Duo processor delivers perfectly in this model with just 1 GB of memory. The 60 GB HDD has plenty of room for large software platforms and it is capable of running most resource driven programs effortlessly thanks to XP as an operating system. If you are looking for a decent system for your business or employees then the Dell Latitude D620 will fulfill your needs and surprise them with its capabilities considering its components and price.

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Dell Latitude D800: Still A Favorite In Any Industry Or Enterprise

Latitude D800

The Dell Latitude D800 is clearly a model for the enterprise based systems we have available today and shockingly can hold its own against these newer systems. This particular laptop was released with the most powerful Pentium M processor at the time, a chip that still delivers blazing speeds with adequate memory. The case is a bit bulky however that only protects the system from accidental damage and the battery life is average for a unit from this manufacturing era. On the plus side you have a 15 inch display that provides 1680 x 1050 resolution and a 40 GB HDD which is fairly common in this class of PC. The memory ranges from 512 MB's up to 2 GB's with the smaller amount still driving the unit to record speeds in most tests. The Dell Latitude D800 is simply streamlined, efficient and a complete powerhouse when it comes to productivity despite the aged components. If you come across one of these units at a price that is eye-opening it is recommended to purchase it, your business will be better off for it.

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